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Coaching Business Clinic


What’s a Business Clinic and How Does It Work?

Think of the Business Clinic as your business health appointment for your coaching practice. The Clinic is full of experts to help you with specific business challenges - at the core, we can group these into two categories: “fixing” and “growing.” 

At the Business Clinic, we will work on both categories to remove common business obstacles while helping your business to grow into a mature, scalable business.

Member Benefits

Your membership at the Business Clinic gives you access to experts and tools unlike anything we’ve seen in the market

Affordable Price

We cover one major business topic or a group of connected topics in each business clinic call. We ask that you come prepared with your questions and ready to share your example (website, document, etc.) for live feedback on the call by one of our experts. 

Even if you don’t have a question at that time, you will learn from others who are sharing their examples - that’s one lesson learned ahead of time! 

The clinic is there to work on real business challenges - so come prepared to work on things that matter to your business!

The clinic is there to work on real business challenges.

Think of it as if you are going to a
clinic to get the exact help you need. 

Monthly coaching from multiple experts

Our clinics are hosted by experts and guests in areas such as social media advertising, sales copywriting, digital marketing, LinkedIn lead generation, coaching software & process optimization, coaching program developers, email conversion experts, and more.

Access to session recordings

Members get exclusive benefits, like access to previous session recordings through the private member portal.

Live coaching on your unique challenges

Each business clinic focuses on challenges you have - not on abstract examples. This makes each clinic hands-on, focused on real business challenges so you'll walk away with solutions that matter to you.

Access to an ever-growing library of business tools and templates

Members get access to both free and discounted tools to help grow your business. We offer a large library of templates that are ready to use and even ready to customize for use under your own brand with a few clicks (white-labeling)!

Access to PRIVATE member community

Our clinics are only available to paying members, not to the public. This also includes our member community, which is focused on helping each other succeed. You are among peers who care about your success. As the tide rises, we rise together!

Ready to join?

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Topics Our Team of Experts Covers

You benefit the most from this group if you are actively working on launching or growing a coaching business (full or part-time). We work with life coaches from any niche (career coaching, wellness coaching, executive coaching, financial coaching, relationship coaching, etc.).

✔︎ How to generate leads

✔︎ How to advertise

✔︎ How to create coaching programs

✔︎ How to scale your coaching business

✔︎ How to engage followers

✔︎ How to convert leads to clients

✔︎ How to create engaging emails

✔︎ How to create landing pages (websites) that convert

✔︎ How to use coaching software to minimize your administrative time

✔︎ How to use virtual events to attract clients

✔︎ How to use online community groups to get clients

✔︎ How to use surveys to generate sales meetings

✔︎ How to combine multiple income streams for your business

✔︎ How to run your coaching business without large overhead 

✔︎ How to cater to enterprise clients

✔︎ ... and so much more!

Learn Together AND On Demand

Our coaches enjoy a rich mix of learning resources.

In addition to the live coaching you receive in our monthly clinics, you also get access to a growing library of courses and other content to help you build and grow at your pace. 

This way, you can learn on demand between coaching sessions. 

In addition, our completely private, member-only community gives you the opportunity to work with small groups in so-called pods. Zero in on challenges and grow together. 

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Coaching Business Starter Guides

Simplify starting your business. Define your market niche in six steps with our worksheet. Create your value proposition, and identify your buyer personas for highly targeted marketing that truly speaks to the audience you’re trying to reach. Use our free coaching business starter checklist to plan your business from certification, registration, and operational setup all the way to launch.

Professional Landing Page & Ad Audit

From professional copywriter Jonny Ross – after you rework your landing page and ads, send them over for a full report on what you can do to increase conversions. If you have an email drip campaign, throw it in! Redeemable anytime after purchase.

Write. Run. Earn. eBook

A short, concise, zero BS, success blueprint for buying ads, creating winners, and earning revenue!

How To Win Friends & Invoice People - A Checklist For Mastering Organic Revenue

Go from zero to hero on your organic channels with a simple checklist-style guide that covers everything you need to master your organic revenue channel.


Meet Our Founders


About Sabrina

Sabrina spent 25 years managing businesses across all 7 major geographic areas in executive positions. Her forte is developing and executing successful sales methodologies that result in rapid scale. She has the proof to show it: her S3 formula helped over 1000 companies increase sales revenue by at least 45% with an increase of over $300M in revenue.

In our business clinics, Sabrina will help you to:
✔︎ Get you in front of more high-value ideal clients all around the world
✔︎ Help you to plan lead generation strategies on LinkedIn that are targeted and will produce results (leads!)
✔︎ Increase your sales conversions with proven strategies and predictable systems
✔︎ …and other questions you may have to boost sales


CEO, Kelbree Consulting

About Corinna

Corinna has spent 20 years in leadership positions with Fortune 500 firms and a few hundred startups - some of them well known to this day. She has positioned companies successfully in the market, created strong brands, and trained executives to win clients through a value-based “Napkin Sales”™ approach that improves results by 20-48% without wasting costly time “nurturing” leads. Corinna has grown her own coaching and consulting business using a mix of scaling options you can benefit from.

In our business clinics, Corinna will help you to:
✔︎ Identify your niche and position your brand
✔︎ Plan your operations for scaleability (stop burning the candle on both ends!)
✔︎ Use technology to simplify your operations
✔︎ Create marketing and sales plans you’ll actually follow
✔︎ Identify the best scaling option for your business
✔︎ …and other questions you may have for a fellow coach


CEO, Zaradigm

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