Coaching Platform Setup


Get your coaching platform set up for you. We do all the implementation work for you and give you back the keys!



Are you new to coaching and would like to use a coaching platform that allows you to:

  • Host group coaching and masterclasses
  • Take coaching notes
  • Share documents with clients
  • Keep track of multiple clients at once
  • Enable invoicing and payments
  • Provide online courses
  • and more from a single place?

We offer setting up your coaching platform, including all of the coaching material from the “Career Coaching Business in a Box” for you. Once we’re done, you are ready to host individual or group coaching sessions with your clients. All your material will be uploaded and the portal will match your brand.

Think of this as us building the house and handing the keys back over to you! You will be responsible for your coaching account once it’s set up. All you need to do to get started is sign up with the platform we use to build your account (CoachAccountable). After that, simply order this service so we can start working for you on setting your platform up.

Please note: this setup is an add-on product and requires purchase of the Career Coaching Business in a Boxproduct in our shop. If you’d like to get this setup without purchasing that product, you can connect with us here.

coaching platform setup