Career Coaches! You’re Leaving An Average of 687.5% In Profits On The Table Simply Because You Won’t Do This… But Once You Flip The Switch, You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Start Sooner!


It’s finally possible to 6x ~ 18x your profits, using your EXISTING coaching workflow! Plus, you can “install” this entire “program” in just a couple of hours!

The hard part is having the guts to break through a serious wealth block!


(Hint : You Should Have 2 out of 3 of These Already!)


Reliable Stream of Hungry Customers

Jackpot. Career Coaching is a skyrocketing industry! More people than ever want what you have to offer. Whether they realize it or not, they absolutely CAN afford your help (which means a much happier life for them!)


Results-Led Fulfillment

If you’re currently a career coach who wants to grow your income and impact, you SHOULD already have a method you use to get your clients the best possible results. If not, stay tuned, you’ll want to see this!


High Volume Delivery Method

Imagine a way to maximize the number of people you transform with your coaching. What I’m about to show you is exactly is how Master coaches are able to bottleneck 6x - 18x profits into 60 to 120 minute sessions, while transforming the lives of their clients. (keep scrolling to see for yourself!)

Oops, I Just Gave It Away Didn’t I? I Think You’ve Guessed Exactly What The Answer Is Here…


Did you just put the pieces together?

How can you…

  • Outperform 74%+ of Career Coaches at Sourcing Clients, Driving Revenue, Improving Client Results, And even REDUCE The Time You Spend Working?
  • Use YOUR Existing Coaching Formula, Add Life-Changing New Content, Subtract Old Outdated Content, & Fully Optimize for Client Results?
  • Become the go-to Career Coach in your corner of the market, letting your successful clients do all your promotion work FOR YOU. Wake up daily to new leads and the peaceful security of a remote-work paradise!

Double Check For This Massive Mistake … If You Don’t, You’ll Never Save Enough Money or Enough Time to Live the Remote Work Paradise

Career Coaching comes with incredible benefits, one of which is the possibility to live in The Remote Work Paradise, a dream that you (and many others) are focused on.


Wake up when you want


Perform a soul-soothing morning ritual (coffee in bed, journaling at sunrise, 8 am dance party (a VERY VALID energy booster 😉)


You’re the Boss, you do your own payroll. You’re no longer worrying about living expenses, so you can afford to dress up, eat out, buy for fun, and still save and invest in your family’s future.


The ability to work only 2-4 hours per day (5 days a week), WITH the opportunity to work harder, and earn much more as a result.


Travel and work from anywhere (with a decent Wi-Fi connection) – That means you can leave town for the week, visit with out-of-state family, or take a spontaneous road trip, all without “leaving work behind”.

1-on-1 Coaching : How To Prove Your Boss Right When They Said “I Knew You’d Be Back.”

They say money doesn’t buy happiness… but it sure solves a LOT of your problems!

Unfortunately, profits from 1-on-1 coaching are extremely limited!

1-on-1 Coaching models are broken! The way they work is self-limiting, causing most unprepared career coaches to return to their day jobs.

How come?

You want to live life on your terms. To do that you’ve likely left a day job behind. You know that working for someone else means trading your time for money.


When time and money are tied together, exponential growth becomes impossible.

The difference – as a self-employed Career Coach – is that you’re no longer working to build someone else's dream.

But you’re still trading YOUR TIME for money.

(Hint: The wealthiest humans stopped making this trade long ago).

This time-for-money trade-off is a survivor's mindset.

It's safe. You get paid, you can pay living expenses…

But nothing more.

Nobody makes it to a Remote Work Paradise by trading time for money. Because it isn't possible…

According To The National Average for Career Coaches… You Might as Well Work Under the Golden Arches…

Indeed: Average Base Salary for Career Coaches: $17/hour


ZipRecruiter is Even Worse: $14/hour

Now, you could get hired somewhere...

Career Coaches who are employed sometimes make closer to $63k…


But this is still just survival. Time trading.


So… What Do You Think The Difference Is Between The Remote Work Paradise And Managing Your Own Fast Food Hut?

How do you stop using time as your only form of currency?

Trading time means you're limited to:
How much you get paid
How long you can work each day.

To get paid more, you have to work longer, harder hours.

And hey, if that's your thing, more power to ya.

But to live the old "smarter not harder" idiom…

What if you traded:
A low-risk investment for attention…
Attention + high-volume delivery for revenue

How do you stop using time as your only form of currency?

Trading time means you're limited to:

  • How much you get paid
  • How long you can work each day.

To get paid more, you have to work longer, harder hours.

And hey, if that's your thing, more power to ya.

But to live the old "smarter not harder" idiom…

What if you traded:

  • A low-risk investment for attention…
  • Attention + high-volume delivery for revenue
Copy of Copy of BBox Landing Page! (Poster (Portrait))

Lots of Eyeballs + Interest + Delivering At Scale = Maximized Revenue

All businesses need attention. Once you can fulfill your coaching in high-volume (which I'm about to show you exactly how to do)...

…Your coaching business will be running in the same way as the highest-paid coaches in the world.

First, I’m going to make it simple for you to understand… Then give you everything you need to do it.


And No, This Isn’t Some New Advertising “Hack” or Lead Gen “Sorcery” To Overload Your Calendar and It’s Not The Typical “Raise Your Prices” Ra-Ra Either!

But This is How World-Class Coaches Run Ads, Maximize Return-on-Time and Get All Their Client's the Life-Changing Results They Paid For

Here are some of the top coaches in the world…


Tony Robbins

  • Net Worth: $600 Million
  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $50 Million
  • Twitter Followers: 3.1 Million

John Maxwell

  • Net Worth: $10 Million
  • Estimated Annual Revenue: ~$5 Million
  • Twitter Followers: 146,000+

John Mattone

  • Net Worth: $15 Million
  • Estimated Annual Revenue: ~$3 Million
  • Twitter Followers: >4100

Ali Brown

  • Net Worth: $19 Million
  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $4 Million
  • Twitter Followers: 3.1 Million

Esther Perel

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: ~$3 Million
  • Monthly Web Visits: ~407,000
  • Twitter Followers: ~128,000

Robin Sharma

  • Est. Annual Revenue: $37.5 Million
  • Monthly Web Visits: ~208,000
  • Twitter Followers: ~615,000

When You’re After Total
Time Freedom & Maximum Income,
You Learn Under These Folks…

Head on over to their sites and see if you can find their one-on-one coaching offers.

I’ll wait.


…Yes, they already have a massive audience.

…Yes, they’ve already put in 10+ years each becoming Masters of their craft.

…No, You Won’t Be That Succesful Overnight.

But None of That is Required to Use Their SAME Business Models, 6x ~ 18x Your Profits, Reduce Your Working Hours, and Get Positive Word-of-Mouth That Grows Your Business Automatically

Imagine you only have 1/100th of their audience.

That would mean that YOU get clients on repeat, lining up to spend thousands of dollars with you…

Who all talk about you (positive word of mouth) on social media, telling everyone how awesome you are…

Which means you don’t have to LIFT A FINGER to get new clients AND charge big bucks – Because people will automatically know your name, and respect your authority!

Put your doubts aside for just one moment…This IS POSSIBLE.

In fact, for many successful coaches, this is just another day at work.

So, how do you think they got there?

What did all these world-class coaches have in common?

It’s actually staring you in the face right now…


They know that 1-on-1 coaching isn’t scalable. (You’re imagining the correct answer now, aren’t you?)

So what do they do?

The highest-paid, most well-known coaches in the game are able to maximize the number of people they transform while minimizing the time they spend doing it.


You May Be Hitting Your Profit Wall Already, Quickly Approaching an Overworked, Underpaid Nightmare… Give This System a Shot – It’s So Simple and Almost NO DIFFERENT From What You Already Do

Yes, focused 1-on-1 interactions are extremely valuable.

But as we’ve already seen, there’s NO WAY to scale it.

Leaving you with a giant ball and chain known as “time”.

But try to think outside the box.


5 Years Ago, When I Went Full-Time As A Coach, This Is What I Wish I Would’ve Known


My name is Corinna, by the way. Nice to meet you!

One of my clients once said they felt “like someone swapped out their batteries for completely new energizers,” after we worked together.

This is what we do.

Our clients feel DRAINED. We bring them back to life!

Another client of mine had been suffering with deep anxiety, causing her to freeze up when talking to senior execs…

I still remember her blasting excitement on the phone.

After just six weeks, those senior execs were offering her a new role!

Sometimes our clients are stuck in unfullfilling roles…

I met a woman who spent 20 years with her employer before realizing she was just going through the motions…

… Groundhog Day, just to pay the bills…

… 20 years too many! Agreed?

It took us just four months to dig through problems, rekindle her passion for creative work, and land her in a shiny new purpose-aligned role.

This is the kind of stuff that truly fulfills me – I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

The fastest I’ve ever helped with a full career pivot is three weeks.

Now, I guess I can’t claim this as a reflection of my incredible coaching abilities…

*hair flip*

Because this client actually only needed help with their interview. All their ducks were already in a row!

But it goes to show…


Career Coaching Makes a Huge Difference in the Lives of Our Clients, Why Not Share That With As Many People As Possible?


So… What Do You Think The Difference Is Between The Remote Work Paradise And Managing Your Own Fast Food Hut?

The top-tier coaches have all figured out that they can charge thousands per person, and coach them all at once.

This is why I said, it’s staring you in the face.

Yes, Group Coaching is the Fastest, Smartest Way To Maximize Your Profits and Time! Why Do You Think Nearly ALL World-Class Coaches Do it?

And you’re probably thinking…

“Okay… But I Can’t Build A Group Coaching Program On My Own…”

Untitled design (6)

It’s just like I said!

  • It requires nearly zero change to your current coaching workflow.
  • You can “install” this entire program in just a couple of hours!
  • This is as easy as installing a new program on your computer. It’s a couple of clicks, filling out some information.

I’ve already done the hard part for you.

All you have to do is slap your logo and brand colors to my documents, follow the steps, and then you’re ready to stop trading time for money!


Take My Entire Proven Group Coaching Funnel and Program, Apply Your Coaching Method, and Make An Exciting Phone Call To Your Accountant.

Yes, that’s the secret.

Coaching more than one person at a time!

No, you don’t have to change your method AT ALL.

No, it doesn’t cost a DIME extra to pull off.

Here’s the gist:

I want to help up-and-coming Career Coaches “skip the line” of overworking and underperforming.

I’ve been where you are, and I’ve made all the silly mistakes in the world.

I’m giving Career Coaches everything in my arsenal, in exchange for their dedicated time and effort into becoming a highly-influential, highly-paid Group Career Coaches.You get to charge 6x – 18x more than you normally do because that’s the average range of members in a group coaching call.


Let Me Show You How a Group Program Usually Works…

First, you line up your hungry prospects. I say hungry because working a job you hate is PAINFUL, so they are READY to get out!

You might think…

“Easy enough, I’ll just invite groups to the call and open the floor for Q&A”.


That would turn coaching into “teaching”. At which point you can flush your results down the drain.


Coaching Rant:

All coaches love and nod their heads whenever I say my famous words “information isn’t transformation” – because that’s what coaches do – transform.

So, group coaching needs to find a good hybrid between teaching a group, to bring them up to par, while balancing with the “coaching” part where participants are challenged, stretched, and working actively.

That’s done via hot seats, and breakout sessions and those have to be well thought through to ensure they drive LEARNING and ACTION toward RESULTS.

People actually get WAY more out of group coaching calls because they get to share their stories, and learn from each other, while also getting direct feedback from you!

*end rant*


Next, Multiply your typical hourly rate by about 8.5 times.

If you’re launching a group program, most people prefer to charge upfront. If the program lasts eight weeks, then you’re completely justified in charging 8.5x your normal rate.

Of course, you’re welcome to charge whatever you think is fair and give as many options as possible to your clients. That’s just good business.


This is the first time I’ve ever gone public with my Done For You Group Coaching system.

For that reason, I’m sticking to a small, tightly knit group, so I can be readily available to anyone who needs my help.

We’re only taking 20 coaches, and enrollment ends October 1st. 

We Will Not Open Doors Again For At Least 8-Weeks

One-on-One Support Includes:

  • Step-By-Step Guidance
  • My Entire Group Coach Launching System As Templates (White Labeled, Turn-Key, Make It Your Own)
  • All my Marketing Materials (copywriting & lead gen)
  • All my Curriculum Materials (my own personal worksheets)
  • Access to 1-on-1 Set-up & Support Calls
  • Action-Based Money-Back Guarantee

I’ll show you everything in just a moment.


And No, Group Coaching Does Not Reduce Your Client’s Experience – In Fact, It Will Improve!

Remember school?

There was always one kid brave enough to raise their hand and sound stupid by asking a question?

That kid was a hero.

Because it turns out everyone else had the same question!

Your group coaching clients will get EVEN MORE out of your sessions because they’ll be working with their peers!

✅️ As a Group Coach, you get to offer the extremely profound benefits of a Peer Group along with your coaching solutions.

❌️ As a 1-on-1 coach, you can only offer your ideas and solutions.

This is another reason All of the most well-known, highest-performing, coaches use a Group Coaching model.

It’s got the highest time-to-money ratio and offers far more value to your clients than a 1-to-1 setting.


Why would anyone limit their growth potential?
Group coaching exponentially grows your IMPACT as well!

  • More clients means more transformations…
  • Means more positive word of mouth…
  • Means more clients who want to work with you!
  • Over time, this means clients start to COME TO YOU.

Reducing your sales cycle to absolute zero.

You could be drinking margaritas on a beach in Tulum, and highly-qualified prospects would be lining up to work with you.

So, if you’re currently a Career Coach who wants to explode past your revenue goals - please DO NOT HESITATE to Join this very limited program. Doors for this special 1:1 group will NOT OPEN for a minimum of 8 more weeks (while all participants reach Group Coaching success).

Without Boring You To Death With Numbers… The Average Increase in Revenue from Making This Adjustment is Around 687.5%

Because instead of charging one person for an hour of your time…

You’ll be charging anywhere from 6 – 18 people for your time.

A single client, charged $200 per hour, can make you ~$800/month.

But a Single Group of 10 clients, who paid $499 – $1,699 per person for your 8 Week program…

On average, that’s about ~$11k every 8 weeks.

$5.5k per month.

Make sense?


Apparently, A Recession Is Coming…


But think about it.

Doesn’t that make YOUR JOB more important than ever?

You’re passionate and you have a skill set that can not just change someone’s life, but in a post-pandemic world, you could SAVE LIVES.

You’ll never be an emergency responder.

But you might be able to land someone a sustainable, exciting, career. Coaches have the skill of getting our clients into “the right place, at the right time”

Imagine being the Go-To Career Coach during a recession! Helping people who really need you with a precise, affordable option, and helping as many of them as possible!

You’d basically be floating above every possible economic downturn that comes your way.

If you know that you’re capable of doing this, here’s how you can reach more people, with less effort than ever before.



This is How The Giants Scaled, and It’s How You Can Out-Perform Competition, Weather Any Economic Storm (And Even Protect Family And Friends)


Tony Robbins is known for Coaching over 100+ people in a single 90 – 120minute window.

He charges what he’s worth, plus a little bit of fame-tax.

You think he bats an eye when gas prices are up?

(He probably drives a Tesla anyway…)

He’s got bulletproof finances that make sure he, his family, and his close friends, are all safe no matter what the circumstance.


Tony Robbins

  • Net Worth: $600 Million
  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $50 Million
  • Twitter Followers: 3.1 Million

John Maxwell

  • Net Worth: $10 Million
  • Estimated Annual Revenue: ~$5 Million
  • Twitter Followers: 146,000+

John Mattone

  • Net Worth: $15 Million
  • Estimated Annual Revenue: ~$3 Million
  • Twitter Followers:  over 4100

That’s the Thing, As Soon As You Set This Up, You’re Increasing Short Term Revenue AND Building A Future Client List At The Same Time!

When you work 1-on-1, you might get one person amazing results.

Inevitably, your client’s friends will ask your clients, “How did you do it?” Your clients will say YOUR NAME.

Especially in a world where finding and keeping a high-paying, highly satisfying job feels impossible…

The impact you have on your clients will spread.


Do you remember those amazing, silver, iridescent circles we used to slide into our computers? If you’re an active Career Coach, you can think of your current coaching method as Compact Disk (CD). Now, huff on it, wipe it with your shirt, and drop it into your computer tower.

You’re ready to install a Group Coaching Program.

And it’s as simple as inserting a disk into a computer to begin the installation.

You’re probably thinking, “No, I can’t just ‘Make a Group Coaching Program’, that’s insanely difficult.”

Well, it would be, if you had to build it from scratch.

You Do The Same Amount Of Work, In The Amount Of Time, Except The Results Are Anywhere From 6x - 18x What They’d Normally Be.

Because you’re no longer doing 1-on-1, you’re offering work to as many people as join your group (usually somewhere between 6 and 18).

As Plug & Play As It Gets…

She Thought Group Coaching Was “As Easy As Inviting More Clients To The Call…” And I Almost Let Her Believe That!

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression here.

Group coaching is the Simplest, fastest path a coach can take to financial freedom.

But it’s no walk in the park.

I introduced this concept to a client of mine, and she immediately got excited!


She said “Great! That’s so easy, I’ll just invite more clients to each call!”

I just had to pump the brakes…

“You could do that but let me tell you, you’ll end up with a lot of disappointed clients that way.”


Your Clients Will Resent You and They Will Talk! (Negative Word of Mouth!) Do Not Start Group Coaching Without A Plan!

If you’re not going to take seriously the fact that each of your clients FULLY believes in you, that you can AND WILL change their lives.

Then I want you to go ahead and reach up to that tiny little X icon (or red dot) and close your browser.

This isn’t for you.


You have to realize…

coaches toolbox coaching business bag illustration


  • … finding and solving your groups core issues
  • … creating tangible examples and graspable content
  • … creating exercises to promote learning, active engagement (can you imagine a bored group that stares at you for 2 hours?!!)
  • … coming up with “homework” exercises to promote progress so you have success stories and traction reported by your clients …continually, from week to week

Is the time you need to spend in order to assure your client’s success and confidently sell your program!

If you reduce group coaching to mere Group Q&A calls…

You’ll leave clients with more questions than answers.

Imagine 13 eager professionals all trying to get their questions answered at once.

If you have a plan for that, be my guest.

I am only warning you.

That’s Why, Until October 1st, I’m Making Everything In My Arsenal Available To You, Including Personal 1-on-1 Support!

(first 20 signups only)


Below, you’ll find access to all of the following:

  • Plug and Play Group Coaching Templates – Everything you need to Start, Launch, Run, and Grow a Successful Group coaching Program
  • Over 28 Pieces of Curriculum and Worksheets You Can Personally Brand and Use To Help Clients Reach Their Goals
  • A Full Webinar Template – Rebrand & Launch Your Webinar Funnel In Just A Few Clicks!
  • Free PDF Lead Magnet (Free Gift For Attracting Leads)
  • Landing Page Template – Add Your Logo and Brand Colors to a Pre-Designed, Ready to Run, Sales Page.
  • Done For You Presentation Deck, Fully Rebrandable and Easily Changeable
  • Three Free 1-on-1 Support Calls!


You don’t need anything to get started.

You don’t need to have any previous experience.

You honestly don’t even need your own curriculum!

Your existing program – The one you’ve spent years filling out dozens of college-ruled notebooks and/or digital documents to create – is easily transferable to this higher revenue format.

That’s your foundation. It’s how you help ALL your clients shatter their limiting beliefs about upward career mobility.

Your foundation is what sets you apart from every other career coach on the market.

And with just a simple tweak to your foundation, you can sell it to ~6x to 18x as many people, with absolutely no extra investment in time.

Your EXACT SAME curriculum can reach more people, AT A HIGHER PRICE, for zero extra resources (time and money).

It’s as simple as changing the way you deliver your coaching.

(The average group size is anywhere from 6 - 18, that’s what makes us so confident that you’ll make make these exact revenue gains).

It’s just like loading a CD into a computer. The Group Coach Launch Program is a high-tech console. Just by putting your unique coaching program into this console, you’ll immediately upload your skills, and download higher income.

Join NOW To Get All Bonuses Before, Oct. 1.

Limited to The First 20 Signups Only.

Once again, I’m opening up one-on-one support for this program as a special offer to a limited group. Giving away all my secrets, but limiting the number of people who enter so I can help each of you personally achieve success.

I could simply offer this to everyone, but I can’t help 100, 200, 300 people as effectively as I can a small group of 20.

It’s just not logistically possible.

Here’s What the Group Coaching Program Launch Kit Comes With:


Done-For-You Masterclass

Grow your prospects fast! Copy/Paste a presentation into this pre-designed to launch a webinar in hours (not days).


Ready-To-Go Lead MAGNET

Grow your prospects fast! Copy/Paste a presentation into this pre-designed to launch a webinar in hours (not days).


Professionally Designed Landing Page Template

Make a profitable first impression by sending prospects to a professional landing page!


Client Success Worksheets (Full Curriculum)

Rebrandable Worksheets, built by Top Leadership Curriculums to Give Clients Clarity, Confidence, Motivation, and Skills to reach the next career level!


Group Coaching Presentation

A presentation you can white label (custom-brand) which includes:

  • Content covering all 8 career coaching sessions
  • Speaker notes
  • Breakout sessions
  • Homework assignments

Step-By-Step Setup Guide

We show you how to:

  • Create an online sign-up form
  • Message prospects to sign up for your lead magnet
  • Set up your landing page
  • Set up group coaching online with a few steps

Career Coach Community Network

Get All Future Updates and Special Offers First, Free, and Forever! (Lifetime Access)


Three 1-on-1 Support Calls

Schedule a time to chat with me personally! We'll learn, troubleshoot, and optimize together!

As If That Isn’t Wild Enough,

Here’s The

Money-Back Guarantee!

Imagine you do everything exactly how I ask.

  • You follow all the instructions.
  • You launch a Webinar Funnel
  • You Charge $399 per sign-up
  • You Coach 6 Clients on their Careers
  • You gain 6 testimonials & 2 Referrals for your next Group Program


You would make your money back in the short time it takes to launch your group! (14 Days or Less).

But I’m a results-focused person. As I’m sure you are.

So if you do everything I ask and DON’T make your money back…

…Just send me a short little e-mail with proof you have completed our action-based checklist, and I’ll send you back your money.


Just To Recap,

You Get:


My Entire Career Coaching Curriculum


Your Own Pre-Built Masterclass and Free Gift PDF


Pre-Built Presentation Decks for Delivery of Your Group Coaching Program


Pre-Built Landing Pages to Convert New Prospects


Complete Set-Up Guide How-To Guide


Community Access + Lifetime Updates (Free)


Three Free 1-on-1 Support Calls


This is a question we had to ask ourselves when we had the idea to build this program.

The answer we came up with was simple.

Give MORE than necessary!

That’s why we’re throwing in some unreleased guides and extra, professional support.

Special Access to These Support Resources


Coaching Business Starter Guides (PDF)


Simplify starting your business. Define your market niche in six steps with our worksheet. Create your value proposition, and identify your buyer personas for highly targeted marketing that truly speaks to the audience you’re trying to reach. Use our free coaching business starter checklist to plan your business from certification, registration, operational setup all the way to launch.


Professional Landing Page & Ad Audit


From professional copywriter Jonny Ross – after you rework your landing page and ads, send them over for a full report on what you can do to increase conversions. If you have an email drip campaign, throw it in! Redeemable anytime after purchase.


Write. Run. Earn. eBook


A short, concise, zero BS, success blueprint for buying ads, creating winners, and earning revenue!


How To Win Friends & Invoice People - A Check List For Mastering Organic Revenue


Go from zero to hero on your organic channels with a simple checklist-style guide that covers everything you need to master your organic revenue channel.

This Offer Disappears For A Long Time After October 1st!

I don’t know about you but I’m ready to start moving!

Whichever deadline comes first… October 1st or Sold Out Seats (Taking 20 Coaches Only!)

… That’s when this disappears.

We’ll Be Busy Building More Freedom For Our Career Coaches...

We cannot afford to keep this group open for two reasons:

  • I can’t personally help 20+ people build their businesses. Sorry, just don’t have that bandwidth.
  • This group is entering it’s first iteration. Therefore, this is the lowest price it will ever be.

As we gain feedback, solve problems, and build businesses together, we aim to make this Group as effective and fast as possible.

Our turn-key Group Launch system will get better every time.

Right now, you can join the first ever iteration AND keep ALL FUTURE UPDATES.

As we build businesses with each other, we’ll be troubleshooting along the way, learning new things, and adding resources to keep improving.

We’ll navigate the Career Coaching market as a community, and with numbers on our side, we plan to be unstoppable.

I know it’s ambitious.

But I wanted to let you know that because we’re not guaranteeing you’ll ever see this exact offer again.

Again, If You Try This, Do The Work, And Don’t See Results, You Get Your Money Back

We’ve even included a full checklist of goal posts you should hit along your launch journey.

If you prove to us you went through the process, but don’t see any results.

Our guarantee covers you.


Either You Get Results, Launch Your Remote Work Paradise, Or You Wait Until It’s More Expensive.

So far, nothing like this exists on the market (as far as we’ve seen).

There are plenty of resources out there to reach your goal as a Group Career Coach.

You have a couple options:

1) Save Your Investment Today, and Go It Alone

As a DIY’er myself, I would understand your choice. But I’ve spent years gathering this material, and you potentially have access to all of it in the next 30 minutes.

2) Look for other options

We haven’t seen anything like this before. You’re welcome to go look.

3) Invest Today and Commit to Your Dreams

You take action, you get results, or you get your money back. Our Action based guarantee protects you from failure here. Either you begin your group coaching journey, or you get an incredible head-start.


To My First 20 Coaches, Here's Your Ticket to the Remote-Work Paradise...

Everything Is Accessible In Just One Click!


Done-For-You Masterclass



Group Coaching Presentation



Ready-To-Go Lead MAGNET



Step-By-Step Setup Guide



Professionally Designed Landing Page Template



Step-By-Step Setup Guide



Client Success Worksheets (Full Curriculum)



Three 1-on-1 Support Calls



BONUS: Business Starter Worksheets



Done-For-You Masterclass



BONUS: Write. Run. Earn.



BONUS: How to win friends and invoice people




Start now for only

$6447 $997 One Time Fee!


Action-Based Money Back Guarantee


Provide proof within 30 days that you have followed the instructions and completed these key items:

Completed all items in the setup guide:

  • Custom-brand all your templates, program, presentations, worksheets and website
  • Public launch of your landing page
  • Inviting 100+ qualified leads to masterclass
  • Running your masterclass event twice during business hours in your region
  • Publication of your lead magnet signup form
  • Launch of 2nd lead magnet (roadmap)
  • Messaging 100+ contacts with our lead messages and follow-ups
  • Complete the two categories in the worksheet “Growth Plan For Coaches”:
    • Virtual event promotion
    • Sales Navigator promotion

Completed items from our eBook checklists:

  • Defined your coaching niche
  • Created your buyer persona
  • Developed your “about” business niche statement
  • Created a business name
  • Registered a business & domain
  • Updated your LinkedIn profile and/or created a business profile