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Your Step-by-Step Setup Guide

for your


“So easy a 5-year-old could sit your laptop on the kitchen table and do it for you while you cook spaghetti and plant-based meatballs.” 


This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Follow this step-by-step guide to becoming a Group Coach.

Set-Up Timeline Total x Hours

ℹ️ This is a more elaborate, in-depth setup manual you can return to at any point. For a condensed version, you can use our Setup Guide, which you will find in the “Admin” folder in you downloaded Business-in-a-Box Zip file.

Step 1 - Orientation (Approx. 15mins)

Check everything out! Get a feel for all the material you now have.

  • Your Marketing Templates are in Canva. Click the documents below to access each template for customization in your Canva account (or create a free account here).
  • Your Marketing Guides are PDF files in the “Marketing Guides” folder.
    • Copywriting/Advertising Guide
    • Pricing & Group Planning Guide
  • Most of Your Session Materials are Word Files, they’re in the folder under “Session (#)”

ℹ️ You will find two files in here that are PDF files. These are here to show you the difference it will make for your leads and clients to use fillable  PDF forms. It is entirely optional. You would have to update the files created in Word or Canva (like the two PDF examples show), save them as PDF, and then use a PDF form creator tool to turn the documents into forms that can be completed on someone’s computer without printing. PDFEscape can do this and is entirely free. 

Your Group Coaching Presentation Slides are in Canva for fast and easy custom-branding!

Step 2 - Familiarize Yourself (5 Minutes)

Before you can market your program, take a look at the program and familiarize yourself with it. See how the lead magnet (roadmap worksheet and masterclass presentation) go hand-in-hand with your group coaching program. the lead magnets are the “appetizer” or “light version” of the depth you will cover in your group coaching program. 

  • Open the file “CCBiz Career Change Program – Group Coaching Curriculum” inside the “Administration” folder and read through it
  • Browse though the Session 1-8 folders to understand your materials

Action Step

Set Your Timer For 2 Minutes, and decide which part listed under the “Jump To Sections” you’ll do first in the Table of Contents to the left. 

Jump-To Sections / Overview of Guides

Your Compact Setup Guide

Setting Up Your Masterclass (Lead Magnet No.1)

To set up your masterclass, you need to first go to Lead Magnet 1: Career Change Masterclass Presentation. This link will open a new website on Canva. When you see the prompt asking you if you want to use this template, you click “yes”. This will allow you to custom-brand it to make the color match your brand.

Watch this video to learn how to set up your masterclass presentation.

Setting Up Your Landing Page (Program Website)​

To set up your landing page (name for a highly targeted website that serves a unique purpose, in this case, your group coaching sales page and signup page for interested leads), you follow a similar procedure as with the setup of your masterclass.

It is so simple because we used Canva to design the page for you and all you have to do is modify the template by swapping out your colors, adding your logo and changing the items you want to change. This could be the name of a headline, or certainly the updating of the start dates and prices you have planned for your program. It is as simple as using a text editor.

Once you’re done, you can use Canva to publish your template as a website. If you own a domain, you can even link your Canva design to your own URL and any updates made here will be instantly visible on your website.

For advanced users: You also have the option of embedding the Canva design via an embed code on your website. 

How To Gather Your Group Coaching Leads

You find instructions on how to reach out to and generate leads in the main Setup Guide in your “Admin” folder. We have included messages for you that you can directly copy and paste into your emails or LinkedIn messages. 

For Career Coaching, we have had the best experience running our lead generation through LinkedIn because that’s where you find professionals looking for work! 

If you want to go the extra mile and carve out about $100 per month for LinkedIn SalesNavigator, you will be able to automate your outreach so you won’t have to manually paste and customize your messages for every person. Lead generation agencies have even more superpowers through special tools and agreements with LinkedIn to multiply your outreach even further. 

To start, update your LinkedIn profile with your value proposition and a professional banner that matches your business. Then copy our messages from the Setup Guide and modify them to your liking and change the name of the person you’re sending them to. 

Amplify Your Lead Generation 

We have provided a bonus guide with additional ideas for how you can plan your business development activities for three months ahead. These strategies are expanding your horizon of lead generation activities. 

This worksheet also becomes a great planning tool to prepare your free lead generation call with Sabrina’s team from Kelbree Consulting. During that call, you can work on your own leads and coming prepared with targeted questions will give you maximum results!

Included Support Call No. 1:

We have provided templates for you to use with leads. But, often, the question of how to effectively generate leads without working night shifts remains. 

In this 25-minute call, you can discuss topics like: 

  • How can I invite more prospects to my free masterclass without manually sending contact requests and messages? 
  • How can I improve sales conversion during my free consultations? 
  • What are other marketing activities that would be suitable for me? 
  • Etc. 

Using Your Group Coaching Curriculum​

In your downloaded and unzipped coaching toolbox folder, go first to the “Admin” folder and open the file “CCBiz Career Change Program – Group Coaching Curriculum”. Go ahead, open it and read through it. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the program. 

Of course, you can modify any part of the program, change the order, modify the headlines, add additional worksheets or remove homework items. The way we set up this coaching-business-in-a-box offer, you do not have to adhere to strict franchise rules. You have purchased a product with full “white label rights”. What that means is that you can customize the entire content to suit your unique style and needs. 

For example, I met a coach who only wants to cover the point in time where clients already know what they want to do. So he eliminated the discovery part of the program and started right away with the part of the program that prepares a great resume. 

Planning & Running Your Group Sessions

As you have seen in the overview video, you have all content for the session neatly organized into folders per each session. That’s where you find the templates or worksheets used for each session. You can add or remove as many worksheets as you want to give this your personal signature. 

The curriculum itself is the document outlining for your clients what they can expect from each session. It helps them to understand how to prepare and what learning and value they will get out of each session. This serves several purposes: 

  • It articulates everything they will get when you share this verbally in your discovery calls.
  • It provides an orientation of what is going to happen over the duration of the program.
  • It helps you to organize content and check-ins around big themes or milestones. 

What You’ll Do To Run Each Session

  1. Schedule each group meeting
  2. Make content available in your preferred coaching platform or other tool to manage the group (we recommend CoachAccountable)
  3. Run introductions and review highs and lows since your last session 
  4. Provide a session overview to set the stage
  5. Share the Program Presentation for the current session
  6. Start breakout sessions
  7. Moderate group discussions
  8. Run Q&A
  9. Share homework expectations
  10. Give a preview of the next session 
  11. Be ready to hold your group accountable between sessions, moderate discussions and provide help when your clients get stuck
  12. Repeat!

Next, you will find instructions on how to customize your presentation in Canva and use Canva to run the presentation while keeping the presenter notes private.

Included Support Call No.2

If you would like to speak to a business coach before (or even after) you have had the first conversation with leads, we are here to support you within the first 90 days of your purchase. 

In this 25-minute call, you can discuss topics like: 

  • How to I create engagement during the MasterClass? 
  • How should I structure my free consultations (discovery calls)?
  • What should I do if I only have a small group of signups for the first group?
  • I am new to Canva. How do I change my logo and colors?
  • Which leads should I present with this offer? 
  • How do I handle the breakout sessions effectively?
  • Etc.
Come prepared! The time goes by fast and we want you to get A LOT done during this time! 💪

Included Support Call No.2: Coaching Platform Questions

If you are new to coaching, then you may not (yet) have your own coaching platform. Or, you may find technology tricky and could use some help. This is where you can set up a call within the first 90 days of your purchase and where we will walk you through the setup using CoachAccountable

Please note, that because there are dozens of coaching platforms out there, we cannot offer this support for other platforms. This is a tried-and-true platform used by individual coaches and trusted by large and well-known enterprises, which is why we recommend it. 

All you need to do is come prepared for this 25-minute fast-paced call: 

  • Have all your assets custom-branded and ready to upload
  • Have your logo and brand colors handy (e.g. create a small note on your desktop)
  • Have a payment account (Paypal, Stripe, etc.)
  • Decide which calendar you want to synchronize with (Google Calendar, Outlook, …?)
  • Set the start date and time of your first group session 
  • Set the price of your program
  • Optional: create a name or title you want to use for your program
  • Sign up for a coaching account with CoachAccountable
  • Log into your CoachAccountable account prior to our call
  • Create a folder shortcut on your desktop so we can access your assets quickly
  • Come ready to join the call from a laptop or desktop computer – you need to be ready to share your screen!

After the call, you will have most items ready and will have an understanding of how to complete the rest on your own with little effort. If you still feel challenged after our call (we understand this isn’t everyone’s forte), consider our setup offer and our team will complete the setup for you. 

Customize the Program Presentation

Watch this video to get an overview and instructions on how to customize the program curriculum as well as the matching presentation. 

Customize Your Templates

Canva Templates

We have used Canva to create templates for more graphic-heavy documents and for documents that are intended for marketing purposes, such as your lead magnets. This video explains how to customize these documents. 

You will also find further tips and tricks in the Setup Guide inside your Admin folder or at the top of this page. 

Word Templates

We have used Microsoft Word to create templates for text-heavy documents – mostly for the worksheets you will share with your clients since Word documents are easy to edit and most people know how to use this application well. This video explains how to customize these documents for your brand. 

You will also find further tips and tricks in the Setup Guide inside your Admin folder or at the top of this page. 

Congratulations! You have completed your setup. 😅

That was much faster than creating all of this on your own. How does it feel to achieve a great milestone? Pad yourself on your shoulder. You are now ready to scale!

Now, we know that business doesn’t always follow a straight line. We all have talents in different areas and there is only so much time in your day. So, we have created a support system for you through the free support calls we have included with our different experts. 

But that’s not all. We have put the extra effort in to put together amazing bonus material!

BONUS Material

Bonus 1: Coaching Business Starter Guides

Simplify starting your business. Define your market niche in six steps with our worksheet. Create your value proposition, and identify your buyer personas for highly targeted marketing that truly speaks to the audience you’re trying to reach. Use our free coaching business starter checklist to plan your business from certification, registration, and operational setup all the way to launch.

Click the button below to access these worksheets. Enter “start” to access the PDFs.

Bonus 2: Professional Landing Page & Ad Audit

From professional copywriter Jonny Ross – after you rework your landing page and ads, send them over for a full report on what you can do to increase conversions. If you have an email drip campaign, throw it in! Redeemable within 60 days after purchase.

Bonus 3: Write Better Headlines & Copy

A short, concise, zero BS, success blueprint for buying ads, creating winners, and earning revenue!

Bonus 4: How to Master Organic Revenue

Go from zero to hero on your organic channels with a simple checklist-style guide that covers everything you need to master your organic revenue channel.

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